How to increase your blog readership?

So, you have set up a new blog with interesting content. Do you need more traffic? Do you need more readers? Do you need more followers? Well yes of course. These are the three questions that a beginner asks. And the three possible answers. Well, as you might be wondering, why the third question is answered that way. The reason is that is the question nobody wants to answer. Firstly, you would have to get a look on your goal (I mean what kind of followers are you expecting? What you want from those followers? And because it is a beginner’s guide. Let me answer your questions as soon as possible.

Blog readership


What kind of readers should a new blogger expect?

  1. The kind of readers that are related closely to your topic and are regular readers of your blog. These readers are very much anticipated in your content. But, what do you want from the blog followers. All you want is some bunch of people that are ready to give you better count of reader show. If that is your consent that the reader to your blog will not do that at any cost. Yeas, this is true. And neither the tutorial will be helpful to you. You would know more about it at any cost.
  2. The publisher of any blog should think of only those readers who are ready to read your content. I mean, what is the reason of getting readers that don’t know your topic, don’t know your content and don’t even want to read any thing written by you. Those readers are worth nothing that don’t read your content or are off your topic. Those readers are not going to help you.

So, now you know what kind of followers should you expect. And how to get the most of your followers.

Increasing your blog followers

So, now lets move to the main topic i.e. how you can increase your blog followers. This is not a complex procedure, Not at all. You will see how?

  1. To increase the readership of your blog. You need to have the content to attract them. And that too is not a time taking process. All you need to do is do the keyword research, try the keywords on google, collect more info about the same topic and the last is to publish it interactively.
  2. Readership of your blog increases simultaneously when you try to change the look of your blog. Your blog should have a unique look and features all at the same time. You need to have the looks that can convince your readers for the topic.
  3. Placing the RSS feeds subscribing button on your sidebar or at the end of each post just makes it easier for your readers to be closer to your content. You should create a RSS feed if you don’t have one. There is an excellent alternative for your blog readers to read your content at their doorsteps. Read it below.
  4. To allow email newsletter for your blog. Just, go to some service that allows your blog to have each post excerpt delivered to the reader. Two of these services are Mailchimp and Aweber. There is one problem with both of them and that too is that they asks you for money. While Aweber can increase your readership and charges only $1 as starting money. It is good for me and you.
  5. After, you get these tricks on. Just go and tell some people about your blog. You can go to social networking sites and forums. Place your links there and try to get more and more inbound links from the other sites. When, people will see more exposure of your site, they are more likely to come again. Don’t they?
  6. Comment on more and more blogs. You can simply leave your links behind by commenting on dofollow blogs. It is the most used way and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for it.

Now, you have a lot of readers. You have a number of people who are reading your content everyday. But, how do you benefit from them. A small hint maybe monetizing your whole system with one or more ad networks or through affiliates.

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