Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai

Today, to attract potential customers, reaching the right audience is the key. To get the maximum ROI in the digital market at the correct time and place, it is crucial to reinvent the strategies to reach a greater audience. An efficient set of digital marketing strategies can result in a total gain. A well-equipped digital marketing strategy can result in a hike in brand awareness, greater revenues, and making a noteworthy presence in the crowded online space. 

In the current digital world, digital marketing has taken surprising twists and turns with methods. None of the businesses online overtakes traditional digital marketing methods. With the growth in companies beginning to target specific audiences using social media, the online marketplace has become crowded. To upscale your business into the limelight and help it gain popularity for services and products offered, you must hire reliable and top digital marketing companies. These digital marketing companies are masters of the marketing craft and strategies that can help brands gain the spotlight. 

The top Digital Marketing companies have the knack of defining marketing plans that can be easily implemented to raise the position of businesses in the online market. They have the tools, skills, and in-house experts to perform appropriate market analysis to find the best approach to hack growth and awareness for the brand. Their services go beyond just Search Engine Optimization. You will find an exclusive set of digital marketing services, including SEO, Video Marketing, and social media marketing. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
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The List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai 

Some of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai are listed below. 

  1. Gilead Digital
  2. Webboombaa
  3. Rankraze
  4. Social Beat
  5. Zinai Digital
  6. echoVME
  7. Digitalseo
  8. Bleap
  9. Blackmount
  10. DigiSnare

Gilead Digital – Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Authentic Online: The Digital Marketing Company You Need with the Services You Want

Headquarters: Chennai, India 


Specialty: SEO Audit and keyword research, Paid Search Advertising, and Responsive Web Design 

Gilead Digital is a team of passionate and professional digital web service providers who offer premium digital marketing services. Gilead Digital is armed with decades of experience in SEO, PPC, ORM, SMM, EMail marketing, Web designing, and Content Management. They provide a comprehensive set of services that can help your business reach heights of popularity and ROI. 

They are a digital marketing company that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition by combining their expertise and technology platform. They pride themselves on driving qualified traffic, and converting visitors into customers with cutting-edge techniques for measuring the success rates of different campaigns or initiatives so they know what works best in order to deliver real results as soon as possible!

The owners of this Digital marketing Company is Tinil Joseph and Samuel John, they had a passion to have their own company. After working with Infosys they have now started their own Digital marketing firm in Chennai.

The average cost for these services is 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR ( SEO+SMO+Content) if you are interested then you may call Tinil Joseph @9003116482

Webboombaa Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Marketing Mixed bag, e-commerce advertisement, Digital Postal Reach out, application and web services, SMM 

Speciality: SEO, Website Design and Development, Google Ads/ SEM, Creative Designing

Webboombaa is a leading and pragmatic digital marketing agency established in Chennai. They are leaders in being the best-fit digital marketing partners for web designing, SMM, creative designing, and more. Their expertise lies in channelizing your marketing budgets through online and offline campaigns to build better ROI for your business. They provide an engineered approach to bring strategic execution of leading SMM practices. 

Average pricing start from 50000 INR to 100000 INR for any digital marketing services

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
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Rankraze Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Digital Marketing Services, Web Services, Video Production, Branding and rebranding 

Speciality: Complete SMM for Small and Medium Enterprises 

One of the leading digital marketing companies established in Chennai, Rankraze is equipped with a team of proficient experts who are masters in analyzing businesses and reaching target audiences. With the help of their well-researched and sought digital marketing strategies, you can reach your target audience and transform your customer engagement and experience at a radically reasonable expenditure. 

Social Beat Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Digital Marketing Planning and Buying, SMM services, Influencer Marketing, Content and SEO Strategy

Speciality: Marketing Strategy Consulting, Digital Transformation, Market Research, and SMM 

India’s leading social media marketing agency, Social Beat, is the name behind the success of various national and international brands, including bOAt, Khatabook, TATA CLIQ, and more. They can be your ultimate growth partners that drive results with transparent performance marketing, ROI Digital Marketing, in-depth creative strategy to drive organic traffic, and more. If you look for a social media marketing agency that drives organic growth with the complete market and consumer research, they are your ultimate choice. 

Company is very costly where the services start from 200000 to 500000 INR

Zinai Digital Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Kochi, India 

Core Services: Digital Marketing and Planning, Complete SMM, Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

Speciality: SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Google Ads

Zinai Digital is a growing digital marketing and planning company that gets you the best leads when you need them. They help businesses grow their presence on the internet by understanding the business, researching and planning, creating and promoting content, and analyzing. They are also leaders in website audits, competitor and keyword analysis. 

Zinai makes it easier than ever to grow your business with a team of experts dedicated and ready for you. Their clear reporting platform provides useful data on all aspects from marketing through development, giving clients an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. With an ever-growing list of partners that includes Google, Facebook & more it is no wonder why they are one of Chenna’s top performing agencies!

The company is headed by Vivek MT with 15 member team. The average costing of the service start from 30,000 INR

Moto: The Digital Marketing Agency: We help companies reach their goals

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
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EchoVME Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Marketing, Performance Marketing 

Speciality: SEO, Digital and Performance Marketing, Website Design, Instagram Marketing 

Trusted by leading International and Indian brands, echoVME is an eminent digital marketing agency that provides complete digital marketing solutions for your business. From digital marketing to content creation and more, echoVME helps businesses transform their business digitally. They have helped thousands of people get their loved products and services through brands like WINK, Casagrande, Levista Coffee, Credai Chennai, and more. 

Moto: How to Successfully Market Your Business on the Internet.

Digitalseo Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: SMO, SEM, ADWORDS, ORM, Content Marketing, Web Designing 

Speciality: SEO, Pay per click services, content marketing, Google Analytics 

If you have been in search of exceptional digital marketing plans and wish to land a place on the WWW, Digitalseo can help you reach stunning SEO rankings with their digital marketing planning and solutions. They digitize with innovation and bring the best strategies to take businesses like yours to the top. Their services span beyond Chennai and cover Coimbatore and Tirunelveli. 

Bleap Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Responsive Web Design and Development, SEO, Online Advertising, Strategic Marketing, e-commerce solutions 

Speciality: SEO, content advertising, web designing and development

BLeap is a popular website design and digital marketing solutions company in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Their integrated marketing solutions provide all-inclusive SMM services. They are a classic search lead agency that puts studying customer behavior over anything else. Some of their valuable clients include Sathya, Shri Ventures, SAIL, Specialist, and more. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
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Blackmount Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Internet website Design and Development, SEO

Speciality: Web designing and development, SEO 

Blackmount is a leading digital marketing agency and a premier business that provides highly measurable digital marketing solutions for small and medium businesses. They offer the best internet marketing services and web design/ development solutions with the help of skilled personnel. Blackmount has been in the business for years and satisfactorily catered to the demands of its customer base.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
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DigiSnare Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

Headquarters: Chennai, India 

Core Services: Website Design and Development, SMS, Web Development, Web Hosting, and SMS Marketing 

Speciality: SMS Marketing, Web Hosting, and SEO 

DigiSnare is a trusted and reliable digital marketing agency that provides website design, development, SMM, Web Hosting, and more services. They design solutions based on client requirements and develop solutions for business websites and social media accounts. Their services also include graphic designing and online marketing activities for your business. 

Data is based on the call we had with all the companies.

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