Natural Ways to Recover from Cancer

How is cancer formed ?

Cancer is caused by some sort of mutations in our body cells. After mutations, the cells do not work properly and form a tumor. The mutations are caused due to some chemical components or radiations which are called mutagens. UV ray is one example of radiation mutagen. The root of all disease is our lifestyle and food habit. So changing it a bit can lift up our health condition. But cancer is not a simple disease. The treatment and recovery of this disease is a very critical and complicated process. It needs determination, dedication and sacrifice in terms of food. The main ways to treat cancer is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The radiation and chemotherapy need to be given in a proper dose that is needed for the patient. But the side effects of these are huge and that is why the natural ways are recommended.


Detoxification is a very important process for our body. For some reasons the detoxification pathways of our body may get blocked which then starts accumulation of toxic substances or carcinogens in our body. Carcinogenic elements are the main reason for cancer. Removing toxic elements from the body makes a person healthy in many ways. There are some ways to do this such as – doing exercise, applying castor oil, drinking lemon water, green tea, consuming proper diet and most importantly, avoiding sugar in your diet..

Ketogenic Diet

To improve the health condition changing the food habit is very important. Ketogenic diet or keto diet is a new sensation of this era due to various facts. It helps in cutting off the excess fat from the body in some days. This diet actually works on the process that the body will depend upon the fat for the energy and not on the carbohydrate. In this diet, the person has to intake the lowest amount of carbohydrate in a day and high fat. The protein intake should be moderate. It is now proved that this diet can reduce the chances of occurring mutations and cancer. This diet includes eating food like seafood, dairy products, avocado, cabbage, lemon, eggs etc.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important component of our body mainly the central nervous system. It is an antioxidant which tends to remove toxic elements from the body and also an anti-inflammatory element which reduces the risk of a tumor and balances the release of various antibodies and natural killer cells. It is also proved to minimize the effects of autoimmune diseases. The doctors from best cancer hospitals can prescribe the doses of vitamin D required for your body. The best source of vitamin D is the sunlight. Some doctors believe that sunlight can remove toxins from your body, lift up your mood and make you optimistic. It also makes your immune system better in order to fight pathogens. These are some natural ways to recover from cancer. There are some other food products which may work well to treat cancer. Such as turmeric with a glass of pasteurized milk is a medicine for many diseases, fermented food products and beta glucans. Mushroom, yeast, oats, barley are some examples of foods containing beta glucans.
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