The stress in our life hinders our good peaceful night sleep to a large extent. This is probably the most underestimated problem or disease and 1 out of every 3 human being is dealing from this menace. People initially ignore this problem as it occurs once in a while. But, slowly and slowly the problem gets indulged in everyday life. Lack of sleep causes various side effects such as weight loss, black eye, hair loss etc.

If you are done with pills and other ways, then try these 5 yoga postures and see the difference.




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Night is the time when your body is de-energized. From the day long hard work and stress, it seeks relaxation at night. Just before launching to your bed just perform this posture which is also called as Standing Forward Fold. Simply you have to bend forward and try to place your palm on floor. It helps in relieve stress in hamstrings, back muscles and hips and also calms our mind and re-balances our senses. It is advised to do it at your comfort level and stretch according to your convenience.


Janu Sirsasana

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This is another fruitful posture for getting a good night sleep. As the name suggests it is another form of sirsasana and called as head-to-knee pose. This pose can be easily performed on your bed anytime. Just sit and point your leg frontwards. Fold one leg and catch the thumb of the other leg from your hand and try to touch the knee from your forehead. This posture would stretch your back and release stress. Proper breathing while performing this posture holds the key.


Supine Spinal Twist

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Many of the insomniac have one common reason of not having a tight sleep is their weak digestive system. These people are always troubled by their tummy while sleeping. Well! This posture is a complete solution for them. It actually releases the blocked gas in the tummy and helps digestion. Also, it improves blood circulation which is helpful in relieving stress in mind Ashram Yoga.



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The posture is also known as corpse pose. One can refer this as the final pose after every exercise. This posture is the perfect opportunity to recollect your thoughts and relieve stress. Just lie down with closed eye and carry the breathing process slowly and calmly. This would eventually calm down your nerves and provide relaxation to the tired body resulting in a good sleep.


Upside-Down Relaxation

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The easiest thing you can do on your bed before sleeping is this posture. Just simply sit against a wall about 6 inches away. Lie down and raise your leg straight to the wall. The posture is easy to perform but impacts a lot on brain. First of all it increases blood towards the mind which decreases the stress and provides calmness. Also, it improves digestion and stop hair fall.


These 5 asanas are said to be effective for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep related issues. The help the body to be extremely relaxed by improving the oxygen content in blood because you are breathing in more air than usual. This helps the mind and body to equally relax and you wouldn’t even know when you fell asleep.