Why lawyers and judges wear black coats?

The world would have been a dark place to live in without lawyers thriving had to instate justice to the people to whom it is denied. Lawyers and judges are the professionals serving our judiciary and working hard to keep it in the righteous path.

The curious element:

Probably we all would have come across a lawyer if not a judge in our lifetime at least through the movies that we have watched. When we happened to witness them, at point we all would have wondered why are they wearing black coats when they are working to reinstate justice in to the world. Here we bring you the answer to this question through this draft.

Why black and white color?

There are said to be two major reasons for choosing a black coat for a lawyer’s uniform. First of all, back in the days the availability of dyes were quite limited, which left us with much less options. The color purple was seen as the reflection of royalty that made the color black the only probably best choice. This was one of the main reasons to pick black.

Secondly, in the old times the color black was related to authority and dominance. An individual dressed in black looks very powerful. At the same time the color also indicates submission to specific factors. A priest wears a black coat in order to express his submission to the lord; a lawyer wears a black coat in order to express his submission to justice.

As the law states:

Every profession has a certain type of dress code that suits their profession well. In Indian judicial system all lawyers are required to wear a black coat or robe over a white shirt and a white neck band when they appear in a case. The advocate’s act of 1961 makes this mandatory for all the lawyers.

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