Top 5 Best Employee Tracking App 2021

Why Should you choose from the top 5 employee tracking software?

The Employee Tracking App is a handy tool for the business, allowing you to keep track of the employees who are present in your office at any time. It helps you to visualize their work schedule and leave, and you can even view their screen in real time. Once you are done with your duty, you can grant access to the app to the employees who need it for work-related purposes.Employee tracking is a great way to keep track of how your employees are spending their time. By using an employee tracking app, you can check in on your employees to see how their workday is going.

Benefits of employee tracking software

Firms with more than 100 employees are required to track and report on key performance indicators, (KPIs) which are used to gauge the effectiveness of a company’s management processes. When people compare the efficiency of their firms’ to their peers, it is important to use an accurate picture which is based on the true data. But these KPIs can be tedious and time consuming to collect.

The rise of the smartphone has made it easy for people to get information on the go. However, it’s not always convenient to carry a tablet and a smartphone while on the go. And if you have more than one job, this can become a real problem. This is where employee tracking apps help, allowing you to keep track of your employees and some information on their whereabouts. This is a very helpful solution especially when you have a full-time job and you need to know where your employees are at all times.

Here is the Comparison table of top employee tracking software


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Chat, Email & Phone Support



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Connectmyworld employee tracking software

Connectmyworld is an employee tracking app that allows the team to track their time, projects, and expenses. There is a full range of features that work in a dynamic way with our business. Most importantly it can be used right away, without any programming knowledge.Connectmyworld has a mobile application designed to help businesses get the most out of their smartphones. We have several products for both Android and iOS devices. Our staff can track their phones and tablets, make sure they are set up and working properly, and provide a friendly and secure environment for their coworkers to check in.

Daytrack Employee Tracking Software

Daytrack enables you to track employees and workers in your organization. It provides employee tracking, employee address, and so on.Do you keep track of your employees? You know, that day and time that they begin and end their shift, and when they clock in/out of the office, and how long they clock? I do, and I keep track of the time, days, and hours they are away from the office. But, I want more than just a time card that I can fill out in a book. I would like to know where my employees are and what they are doing at any given time. That is where Daytrack can help you! Daytrack is an employee tracking software that allows you to see your employees location and tracking history.

Teamspoor Employee Tracking Software

Teamspoor is a paid employee tracking software for Android. It functions as a GPS tracker app that tracks employees movement and location data collection app. It is easy to set up and works with the company’s cloud system to provide real time reports to the managers. The software can be accessed from an Android Smartphone, Tablet or even a PC.

Teamspoor is a mobile app that helps you keep track of your employees and your business contacts. Your employees can use Teamspoor to: – Take and track their productivity and attendance records. – Create a login for internet banking and stay connected to their current financial status. – Send and receive email, SMS, and phone calls. – Access and manage their personal data, such as contacts, emails, and other information, business data, such as meetings, tasks, and reports.

Top 5 Best Employee Tracking App 2021
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FieldEZ FSM Employee Tracking Software

Many companies want to know where their employees are at all times. This is especially true for businesses that are in the manufacturing sector. They want to be able to track their materials, production orders, and other factors. But they also want to know how many people they have working at any given time.Fieldez FSM is the world’s leading software for Employee Tracking, that is written in Java for Android mobile phones. The Fieldez FSM is designed to track the employee and to make the field manager’s work easier to complete the employee training and manage the work schedule. FieldEZ FSM has some unique features that are not found in any other Employee Tracking software and it is the most comprehensive software in the market.

Twib Employee Tracking Software

About Twib Android employee tracking app :

Employee locator – Find where your employees are using our app.

Manager’s assistant – View all the information about your employees, such as their location, manager, tasks and more. We use the GPS location of the device to locate the employees.

Employee details – Find out their work schedule and tasks. Employee email – Send them an email, whenever you want to update their information.

Employee payment – Make sure the employees get paid on time using our employee payment feature.

Employee tasks – Get a list of all the tasks assigned to the employees.

Company location – Get the location of your company. All this information is available through our Android app only. We already have a web version in the making.

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