Advocate for Magistrate Court in Mumbai

What does Magistrate Advocate mean?

Advocate Magistrate means a civil officer that has the power to administer and enforce the law. He or she has limited judicial authority. A magistrate has simply administrative and limited law enforcement powers. The powers exercised by a magistrate are greater than an Administrative Official. Advocate Magistrate Courts in Mumbai may supervise over lower level criminal cases and some civil matters.

They may handle case like petty theft and small crimes etc. Magistrate is the organizational head of the district that is a member of the Indian Administrative Service, and is appointed by the Government. He fulfills the statutory functions as necessary under an assortment of Legislation relating to the Revenue Administration such as revenue collection, taxation and the handling of natural and human made emergencies etc.

As District Magistrate, he is accountable for maintenance of law and order, listening to cases under the preventive section of the Criminal Procedure Code, supervision of the police and jails etc. He is also accountable to keep peace and justice in the district.

The District Judge is the head of the entire Judgeship and all other Judicial Offices in that district are under his Jurisdiction. The Court of District Judge is also appellate Court, which subordinates jurisdiction both on original side and appellate side in civil and criminal matters which are brought forth in the District.

One notable example is the Surendra Kumar Bhatia Vs. Kanhaiya Lal & Ors. [2009 INSC 194 (30 January 2009)], The Supreme Court has stated that a district collector is not a judge and therefore cannot seek immunity from prosecution in criminal cases. The court ruled that the immunity granted to judges under Section 77 IPC would be unavailable to district collectors or the land acquisition officers who obtain private lands and award reimbursement.

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