While talking about top solicitor firms in Mumbai, the name Mumbai Advocates has to special mention. It has best advocates obviously capable to handle very complicated cases. Mumbai has many solicit firms, as everybody knows Mumbai is the busiest city in India and the counsels firm Mumbai Advocates has been earned its own entity in Mumbai. It’s easier to connect with the top solicitors in Mumbai, Mumbai Advocates has everything, and they can help you to get the top solicitors in Mumbai. Perhaps, Mumbai the Metro Politican city would be the only place deserves top solicits. Yes, Mumbai the city in India where most number of criminals lives, Mumbai is the city where most number of land disputes and civil cases happens.

Top solicitors in India are under the tight grip of the elite class, they are the lawyers getting highest remuneration. Here is the relevance of Mumbai Advocates ; they have the capacity to deal with top solicitors. Yes, Mumbai Advocates is something special it has everything that you would prefer from a stand apart lawyers firm. Mumbai Advocates is lawyers firm capable to undertake troubled and hassled cases, they have the caliber to extend the legal assistance with top solicitors. It can be mention as the top solicitor firm Mumbai,   Mumbai Advocates is keen to furnish timely practical and quality legal services. We are one of the best advocates firm in Vashi, Mumbai effectively performs the legal proceeding in Mumbai courts.

As an advocates firm, it has the commitment to each and every clients. We ensure dedicated service and believe in supporting the people who needs very meaningful legal assistance.  Hence, it’s an easier matter to get a top solicitor in Mumbai, Mumbai Advocates is always ready at your service.We ensure unmatched legal assistance, we’re dedicated to deliver friendly legal services, top solicitors in Mumbai is not a biggest thing, We have the capacity to deal with complicated cases and obviously we have the sufficiency of top solicitors.

Here is the most awaited list of Top 10 Lawyers or Advocates in Mumbai, who have cemented their slot in this list with their Expertise, Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction.

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Lawyer. Shilpa Chawan

Ms. Shilpa Chawan is a respectable lawyer practice primarily in real estate law. Other than just a peacemaker, she has extensive experience in all types of business and commercial transactions. She possesses all the diligence to be a strong lawyer. She provides every right that worth it. +919833601805 

Adv. Sanjay Balakrishnan

Mr. Sanjay Balakrishnan, an eminent lawyer who is never afraid of raising his voice for honesty and against injustice. He has got great experience in commercial and corporate dispute resolution. He leaves no stones unturned throughout his career. We can feel him as a representative of a reliever in necessity. He represents clients before diverse forums. He acts as a catalyst to change. +917506669967

Lawyer Aniket Nerurkar

It’s not easy to hold your name, fame and reputation intact in this Legal community. But to do that consistently, one must take advice from Advocate Aniket Nerurkar. He is predominantly known for handling cases that deals Transfer of property acts, Divorce and Registration act. He gives legal advice and consultancy free of cost for women who are denied of equal rights they hold in Ancestral assets.

Top 10 lawyers in Mumbai
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Lawyer Namitabh Kothari

Hailing from the coastal city of Mumbai, Advocate Namitabh Kothari has 19 years of experience in his stupendous legal career and his legal services are top notch. To end 20th century on high note, he registered as a member of Bar council Maharashtra in 2000. After tasting success in his initials days of his career, he started working independently to manoeuvre his position to the top of the pile.

Advocate/Lawyer Siddhartha Shah

Mr. Siddhartha Shah is the founder of Siddhartha Shah & Associates which provides legal services and expert advice on cases related to Arbitration laws, Dispute resolutions and Divorce law. They are renowned experts to tackle the cases associated with Contracts and Transaction law. Their expertise has proven that they are bankable resource when it comes to legal issues.

Advocate/Lawyer Vikrant C Deshpande

Passionate about seeking justice to the people who deserve it, Advocate Vikrant C Deshpande initiated his legal career with a law degree from Mumbai University. He believes that he is destined to ensure that socially and economically sidelined people get justice in this legal ecosystem. Marshalling the troops to look justice through the prism of law leads to success, he reckons.

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Advocate/Lawyer Tripti R Shetty

With a staggering career success ratio creeping above 90%, Advocate Tripti R Shetty cements her position in this Top 10 Lawyers list. Following her graduation from esteemed Government Law College, she worked in Law firm Thakker & Thakker where she completed 2 years of service. She is proud of her achievements in Legal arena and excellent track record in criminal cases she handled.

Advocate/Lawyer Vimla Basantani Nagpal

Advocate Vimla Basantani Nagpal spearheads one of the best law firms in Mumbai. Their line of work includes legal services for Divorce, Child Custody, NRI support, Transfer petition and much more. With 20 years of profound experience in Divorce cases, they have mastered the art of providing valuable and effective solutions to people in desperate need.

Advocate/Lawyer Kaushal Shah

Advocate Kaushal Shah, founder of Kaushal Shah & Associates, is one of the leading lawyers in Mumbai. The law firm’s history dates back to 1992 when they started the firm with only three associates. He has vast experience in Corporate, Property and Commercial laws. The law firm has clientele from United Kingdom and Mumbai predominantly.

Advocate/Lawyer Aashutosh Srivastava

Advocate Aashuthosh Srivastava, generally known for handling high profile cases, graduated from Pune University at the age of 24. Right from his childhood, his parents motivated him to be a prolific entrepreneur. Eventually he ended up being one right after completing his degree meritoriously. In the year 2016, he was awarded with “Global Achievers award” to recognize his legal caliber and supremacy.

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